Handel – Enemies in Love

September 18, 2019
8:00 pm
Festival "Muzyka na Szczytach"

Concert in Zakopane is promoting the Bestseller Album “Enemies in Love” with Anthology of the Handel opera arias and duos.

Love, jealousy, war, complex web of intrigue, religious conflict in the background, and additionally a whole galaxy of special effects. Sounds like a description of a modern action movie? Yes, but it could successfully correspond to a large number of Händel operas! 

Today, it is difficult to imagine a world, the musical landscape of which would miss the music by Händel. 

What we find so attractive in the music of Händel is the powerful emotional charge, making it timeless. What are actually the most successful arias from his operas, if not the musical essence of various shades of infatuation, hatred, despair or joy? Even though characters of the tacks mentioned in the recording come from distant times and spaces, their feelings, lively voices of great singers, still resonate with sensibility of contemporary listeners, allowing a deeper insight into the full of mysteries dynamics of love.