Samuel Mariño & Il Giardino d’Amore – Soirée Musical

May 7, 2021

Samuel Mariño – voice and ballet dance

Stefan Plewniak – violin

Ludmila Piestrak – viola

Katarzyna Cichon – cello

Helen Collyer – piano

Yolanda Correa – dance

Andreas Heise – choreographie & dance

The remarkable and memorable “soirées” at Villa Viardot in Baden Baden are hardly imaginable today. Musicians like Chopin, Saint-Saëns, Gounod, Berlioz, Massenet, Fauré; Painters such as Scheffer, Delacroix, Corot, Duez, Hébert, Chintreuil, Doré and writers like George Sand, Turgenev, Flaubert meet in a living room to exhibit the greatest masterpieces and share them with an exclusive audience. Throughout the centuries, “chamber concerts” have taken place in the most prestigious Europeans salons, even a composer like Rossini, after his early retirement from the opera circle, created the most stylish songs and chamber pieces, now known collectively by Rossini’s winking name for some of them, “Péchés de Vieillesse” (“Sins of Old Age”). This custom faded away with the arrival of of the modern era.

Today, with the particular situation we are living in, we must find a way to continue to bring live art. What better way than to pay homage to these musical “soirées”, private and privileged which only a few could enjoy. The program presented here, which runs from the end of the 18th to the 19th century, is a tribute to those artists and composers who once performed in our living rooms. Mendelssohn’s heartbreaking lyricism, the startling virtuosity of Mozart, Rossini’s mocking spirit, or Bellini’s finest melodies are some of the facets of a shining diamond, testimonies to the breathtaking vocal mastery of these extraordinary singers and to the great musical quality of the compositions intended for them.

Samuel Mariño has a clear, precise, full-bodied, suttle voice and acute sensitivity; these are the necessary and even exigible capabilities to be able to perform this music.

We offer you no a simple recital with Violin, piano and voice; We will transport you to this magical

universe and together we will travel through time enjoying the music and a tradition that has remained in oblivion. With the moderation of XXX who will explain the history of these wonderful compositions to us.