– Enemies in Love

Release Date: 2018-02-09
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Today, it is difficult to imagine a world, the musical landscape of which would miss the music by Händel, however the history has been closed for his operas for many decades, already during the composer’s lifetime. Virtuosic, bristling with difficulties, multithreaded works in the Neapolitan style quickly went out of fashion, and over time they have almost completely been forgotten.

Only the twentieth century cracked open the doors to this extraordinary music, whetted the appetites of music lovers with performances of the most daring arias.

There is nothing surprising in this – Händel’s sense of opera was incomparable, as evidenced by not only the ease of writing subsequent stage works, but also an exceptional talent for portraying human emotions with music.

What we find so attractive in the music of Händel is the powerful emotional charge, making it timeless. What are actually the most successful arias from his operas, if not the musical essence of various shades of infatuation, hatred, despair or joy? Even though characters of the tacks mentioned in the recording come from distant times and spaces, their feelings, lively voices of great singers, still resonate with sensibility of contemporary listeners, allowing a deeper insight into the full of mysteries dynamics of love.

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